Rule- and Model-Based Expert Systems rmes

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Welcome to Expert Systems by Professor Niederlinski

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    Prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Antoni Niederlinski   is active at the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, and at the Tyszkiewicz School in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. His long-time control-engineering activities (at the Institute of Automatic Control, Silesian Technological University, Gliwice, Poland), resulted among other in designing a measure of interaction in multivariable control plants (known as the Niederlinski Index) and in generalizing the Ziegler-Nichols method for tuning multivariable controlers. He authored the following books (in Polish):

  • "Multivariable Control Systems" ("Układy wielowymiarowe automatyki"), WNT, 1974
  • 2-volumes of "Digital Industrial Control Systems" ("Systemy cyfrowe automatyki przemysłowej"), WNT, 1977
  • "Systems and Control. An Introduction to Control and Technical Cybernetics" ("Systemy i sterowanie. Wstęp do automatyki i cybernetyki technicznej") PWN 1983
  • 2-volumes of "Industrial Computer Control Systems" ("Systemy komputerowe automatyki przemysłowej"), WNT 1984,1985
  • "Microprocessors-Microcomputers-Microsystems" ("Mikroprocesory-mikrokomputery-mikrosystemy") WSP, 4 editions, 1978-1987
  • "Adaptive Control" ("Regulacja adaptacyjna"), PWN 1995 - with J.Mościński and Z.Ogonowski
  • "Multi-Edip. A Multivariable System and Signal Analyzer") "Multi-Edip Analiza wielowymiarowych sygnałów i obiektów" Pol.¦l. 1997 - with J.Kasprzyk and J.Figwer
  • "Rule-based Expert Systems" ("Regułowe systemy ekspertowe") PKJS 2000
  • "Rule- and Model Based Expert Systems rmes" ("Regułowo-modelowe systemy ekspertowe rmse") PKJS 2006
For the last 20 years he was engaged in work on expert systems and constraint logic programming.

    This is the cover of the new textbook:

    Antoni Niederlinski
    Rule- and Model-Based Expert Systems
    2008, XII, 574 p.
    ISBN 10 83-60716-24-2
    ISBN 13 978-83-60716-24-3

    The book covers:
  • a reader-friendly introduction into rmes expert system properties and applications,
  • a learner-friendly introduction into the technique of writing knowledge bases for elementary exact, augmented exact, elementary uncertain and augmented uncertain rmes expert system shells, downloadable from this website,
  • a learner-friendly introduction into the technique of modelling uncertainties using a modified version of the Stanford Certainty Factor Algebra,
  • a large number of detaily documented Real-World knowledge base examples together with chaining reports.
The book is only available through e-mail:
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